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"GOD'S COUNTRY" - it's an expression many of us often use to describe the place where we're from. For us "God's Country" means much more than that, it's a style of living that lends itself to the outdoors. From climbing a mountain, to hiking through the forest or relaxing by the water, being in "God's Country" is a way of life. Our vision as a brand is to capture the essence of this lifestyle by making quality goods that will make people feel proud of where they are from and excited for where they are going.


We've turned our sentiment into a simple yet meaningful logo that is meant to depict the great outdoors that surrounds us. The mountain represented by the triangle; forest represented by the tree; and water represented by the lines.


Whether it's our classic snapbacks, t-shirts, and hoodies, or our new toques and tanks, we take a lot of pride in providing our customers with quality product that are stylish and comfortable. Our non-wavering commitment to 100% customer satisfaction is reflected in every piece of clothing we put our logo on.


From the beginning, we have encouraged our loyal customers to share their version of  "God's Country"   on  social   media   and   have   not   been   disappointed.   The   hashtag  #godscountryclothing has popped up in some pretty amazing places and we hope to continue to see our friends share from all around the world.


Welcome to God's Country Clothing Co.